Cantante y Actriz / Singer and Actress
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Pico Rivera Sports Arena, Pico Rivera, California held a rodeo with Lupita, Mercedes and Amparo singing their best.
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Cathedral City, California held it's 2006 Mexican Independance Day.
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Indio, California held it's 2001 International Tamale Festival. Lupita was this years Grand Marshal.
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July 17, 2008
Sept 17, 2006
Dec 01, 2001
Albuquerque New Mexico was delighted to have Lupita perform at a local club, The Tumbleweed Steakhouse. A big thank you to the owner, Tony and all of the staff that helped to provide security and accomodations.
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Sept 15, 2001
Jan 21, 2001
Dec 04, 2000
Oct 14, 2000
Sept 17, 2000
Oct 28, 2000
A 7.6 magnitude earthquake in El Salvador got a lot of talented people together to raise money for the victims. Radio Express 1090 AM asked Lupita to help. She was there to give a great perforamce to help those that needed it.
Click Here to see Lupita perform at the fund raiser in Van Nuys.
July 30, 2000
May 14, 2000
May 07, 2000
The International Tamale Festival in Indio, California. One great way to taste world famous tamales and the best way to see Lupita perform in her home town for a great event.
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Performing live at the 25th anniversary for Hispanic television station XHILA, Lupita gave a great performance. In attendance was the Governor of Baja California .
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A great fund raising event for cancer research. At the La Quinta High School football field, a 24 hour walk-a-thon. Lupita gave a surprise performance that entertained all of the walkers and supporters. A real treat for the non-Hispanics that got a first hand look at a beautiful and professional entertainer.
Click Here to view Lupita at La Quinta.
At the Soboba Indian Casino in San Jacinto. Lupita made a great impression with the fans and staff. A great night of singing enjoyment. A special note of thanks to Don and Joe from Blackhawk Security.
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Visalia Convention Center in the center of Visalia. Lupita was among several talented guests signing autographs and performing.
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Midland, Texas. Lupita fit right in with a great sounding band. Lights, camera, action. It was Lupita's sparkle that lit the night.
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Lupita sang to a packed crowd at the Veterans Park in Coachella for the Cinco de Mayo celebration. 8000 people attended the event.
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