Cantante y Actriz / Singer and Actress
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Music Convention held at Marriot Hotel in L.A. - 2008
Joan Sebastian
Adela Noriega
" El Cucuy "
Vicky Terrazas, lead singer "Horoscopos de Durango"
Marisol Terrzas, alt lead singer "Horoscopos de Durango"
Portillo, music promoter
Lupita received the coveted Pedro Infante Medal for career achievement for traditional Mariachi music for 2008.

The award was presented to Lupita by Chucho Lopez, President of the Mariachi Association of Mexico.
In July 2008, Lupita traveled to Miami, Florida to appear on the "Quien Tiene la Razon" show, on a latin television network, with Doctor Nancy. She appeared as arch-rivals, Mas Juan and Noe.
Lupita stays active in community events and receives awards and recognition from cities and her peers. Her awards can be viewed on the awards page.

May 3, 2000. Lupita received an award from Mayor Marcos Lopez, representing the City of Indio, recognizing her International Achievement as an Actress, Singer and Screen Writer.