Cantante y Actriz / Singer and Actress
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Summary: Lupita Castro has worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years. Her career has included 7 movies and 9 music CD's. Her main interest is singing, highlighting a traditional Mariachi theme. She is credited with writing one of her movies, "Maldita Miseria". She is also known internationally as a singer and actress. Lupita's sister, Mercedes, is also a highly respected singer and actress to which Lupita has worked with in movie and music projects. Lupita has and continues to make personal appearances around the U.S. and Mexico. Check the 'Contact' page for booking information.

Performance History: Since 1979
Singer, Actress and Screen Writer

* Movies: "El Rey De Los Tahures", "El Sinaloense", "La Carcel De Laredo", "Maldita Miseria", " La Hija Sin Padre", "La Contrabandista", and "La Venganza de Luciana"

* Music CD's: "Lagrima Callada", "Eres Mi Carino", "Al Estillo Norteno", "La Puerta Cereda", "Besitas", "Lupita Castro" and "Lupita Castro with Mariachi"

* TV Appearances: "Nochas Tapatias", "Johnny Canales Show", "Uno Nunca Sabe", "Buenos Dias Valle Central", "Domingo De Estrellas", "Navidad En El Barrio" and "Telemundo"

Languages: Spanish and English

Awards: Career Achievement (1999) from Los Angeles City Mayor, Richard Riordan, Service & Community Achievement (1999) from Los Angeles County Supervisor, Mike Antonovich, Co-Starring role in a Hispanic Movie (1984) from U.S. Exhibitors of Latin Films, Exceptional Promotion of Mariachi Music (1999) from the Mariachi Association of Mexico, Outstanding Contribution to Long Beach City (1996) from the City of Long Beach, Career Achievement (1992, 2000) from the City of Indio, Pedro Infante Medal from Mariachi Aasociation of Mexico (2008).

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